Next Step Services


We offer the following post-testing services you can:

  • Work directly with our consultant to move your product to market
  • Work with an online reseller to test your product in their online store
  • Do your own online sales from Australia
  • Have the MTest Japan in-house team search for a distributor
  • Engage the MTest Japan team to help you attend a trade show
  • Use our Back Office services team to help you set up an operation in Japan (office establishment, staff, marketing, technology, etc.)

Working Direct with Consultant

Many of our Consultants run their own businesses, involved in import-export. If you are happy with the feedback that a Consultant has given you, please let us know and we will connect you both, so that you can work with them for direct access to his/her business network and resources. Not all Consultants speak English, so you should take that into account. Although we charge a percentage of any fees that are mutually decided on, we do NOT control or manage the relationship and the work will be mutually decided between yourself and the Consultant.

Working with Online Reseller

If (and only if) your company has scored highly in a Consumer Testing Online survey of 1,000 panelists or more, then we are able to introduce your firm to a number of leading online reseller companies in Japan. The value of doing this is that top-level online partners have strong marketing skills and can immediately test and sell your products at relatively low cost and with low starting inventory requirements. However, such companies make their money by being fussy about quality and desirability, and therefore this option will only work if there is a latent need by consumers for your product. If you choose this option, we will charge either of a fixed fee or a % of the first year’s sales for a successful introduction. If there is no partnership, there will be no charge. If ongoing language or regulatory/business assistance is required, then there is a separate price for that.

Making Your Own Online Sales

MTestJapan can help you set up your own online store in Australia, assisting either at a simple level with translations and instructions for Japanese, or at an advanced level by setting up a Japanese-capable online store with Japanese credit card processing. In addition to the website itself, we can offer a bilingual English-Japanese help desk service by email for Japanese customers asking questions and needing interaction. This service can be upgraded to a voice support desk if you have sufficient volume. MTestJapan can also provide online marketing, including affiliate ad campaigns, Facebook ads, Mobile-only campaigns, etc.

Distributor Search

Our bilingual MTest team is highly experienced in handling exporter requests into Japan, having represented the state of Ohio (USA) from 2008 – 2012, and many companies from other states/countries besides. We are able to help you identify and contact potential distributors and resellers, find prospective customers to “front-load” a distributor negotiation, and help you negotiate with all parties in English and Japanese. More information on our distributor search services can be found at See Pricing for more information.

Trade Shows

Our bilingual team has trade show booking and set up experience and is able to assist you in getting your goods displayed either individually or in conjunction with another company’s booth, at any of Japan’s hundreds of trade shows. We can also help man the location and follow up post-show with companies that introduced themselves during the show. See Pricing for more information.

Back Office Services

After successful negotiations with prospective distributors or customers, you will need to choose between leaving market development and support to your distributor or to take on some of the responsibilities yourself. Work-sharing with a distributor is a common business model for successful foreign firms in Japan, and many Japan-based subsidiaries retain small (3-5 people) in marketing and technical support functions, since these are the most value-added roles.

Our bilingual back office services team has substantial experience in setting up companies, branch offices, and representative offices, hiring staff, and outsourcing part or all of the initial operations of the business. When you are ready to take back some of these functions, we hand them back to you seamlessly. Our fees vary depending on company size and need. Please see Pricing for more information.