Digital Assets

The objective for your Digital Assets is to give panelists overseas the best possible impression and detail of your product, without them having actually seen it. If you skimp on your materials, the panelists can only have a less-then-great impression of your product and will rate it accordingly*.

How to Look Good

  • Offer short but informative descriptions
  • Show credibility, with data from your home market, if you have it
  • Provide a good selection of professional quality photos, with proper lighting
  • Show photos of the product in use
  • Include links to video footage on, if you have it – in which case the footage should be subtitled or dubbed in good quality Japanese

Assets Needed

The minimum inventory of digital assets that you need to successfully run a test on MTest is the following.

  • Product Positioning statement, describing your product’s target market(s) demographics, market positioning vis-à-vis the competition, and your marketing message
  • Photos of external packaging
  • Photos of internal packaging
  • Photos of product being used
  • Text of internal packaging, to facilitate translation – text should be editable by our translator
  • Text of User instruction sheet if you want this to be evaluated – text should be editable by our translator
  • Size/weight information of internal package (i.e., the package or container that holds the contents)
  • Special certificates, marks, and other properties of the product
  • Any patent information, if this is important
  • Suggested retail and wholesale pricing of your product (in Japanese Yen)
  • video links if you have them
  • If you want to solicit direct follow-on online sales, include your website URL (webpage should ideally already be in Japanese) and your customer support details (again, should be supported in Japanese)


Most of our Panelists are NOT English speakers. Therefore, we will translate your materials into Japanese after reviewing and quoting the volume of work required. If you have Japanese language resources on-hand, please let us know, since it may be cheaper and quicker for your team to prepare all materials in Japanese instead of us.

*Note: Poorly presented products that need re-testing will be charged a second testing fee. Please consider using our design, clean up, and translation copywriting services to improve your success rate.