How To Join

How to Get Involved

MTest works by having a large number of people work as remote experts in Japan, advising international clients as to how their product suits the market and what things need to be changed or improved.

You can be involved either as a Consultant or a Panelist.


Consultants review products, either as digital assets (photos, text, etc.) or as physical goods. They fill out surveys using their insight and experience, and try to help our international clients understand what the chances of their product will be in Japan and why. Importantly, Consultants also provide feedback on perceived problems with the products, so that Clients can learn and improve their offerings.

If a Consultant finds a product to be interesting, we permit Consultants to contact Clients through us, to see if the Client would like the Consultant to work with them to bring the product to market.

If you have a proven background in buying merchandise for sale in Japan and speak native-level Japanese, we are interested in working with you. Our projects are short, interesting, and we pay a percentage of the revenue to make the business model transparent. Currently we are looking for consultants with the following backgrounds, however, we encourage qualified people with other experience to also apply.

  • Apparel, fashion accessories, bags, glasses, etc.
  • Autos, bicycles, motorcycles, other engine-driven transport, related accessories
  • Beauty devices
  • Books, magazines, other media
  • Cosmetics, personal, hair, and skin care
  • Food, beverages, vitamins, and other supplements
  • Gadgets, electronic goods, music devices, computing devices
  • Household goods, particularly kitchen and bathroom
  • Sports goods, leisure goods
  • Other products

Payment for consultants is:

20% of Client Fee

We are also interested in hearing from market entry consultants who wish to help service customers graduating from market testing to more tangible moves to enter the market.

Consultants can register here.


Panelists fill out surveys from international clients, thinking as consumers and providing as much useful information as they can to help the clients decide whether Japan is for them or not. Panelists are under no obligation to complete a given survey, but once a survey is started, it will not earn points until it is fully completed.

Panelists can be anyone of any age, providing they meet the following criteria. Note that the greatest demand is for Japanese nationals in Japan, and survey requests to non-Japanese nationals may be fewer in number.

  • Japanese nationals, living in Japan
  • Foreign nationals, living in Japan

If you are living in another territory, then please register for our email newsletter, so that we can let you know when other territories open up.

Payment for panelists is by way of points awarded per survey. The points can be redeemed on, for various goods and services provided as incentives. Currently we do not pay cash to Panelists, which is why we offer redemptions at above market rates compared to other companies in the online testing industry.

Panelists can register here.