Consumer Physical Testing

Our most comprehensive service is the Consumer Physical Testing service, which gives you actual experiential feedback from real Japanese consumers. This type of testing gives you the most authentic results of potential customer reactions and also their natural interest in your product by virtue of whether they want to ask for a repeat trial (our 2-stage option).

We have two formats for delivering physical product to the Panelists:

  • Single offer – trust-based, expected to produce up to 30%-50% response rate on surveys
  • Two-stage offer – provides additional incentive(s) for Panelists to complete surveys and therefore is expected to produce 40%-80% completion rates

Our recommendation is a two-stage offer, with the incentive being a second product offered at no charge providing the Panelist completes the survey. The second product may either be the same product for a second time, or a different product – depending on how many products you have to offer. On a 2-stage offer, we do not charge extra for you to display additional products, only for the number of products actually tested.

To avoid customs issues, we use a consumer self-import system to get your products into Japan.

We offer just one panel size, of 100 people, with larger panels becoming available soon. You can order anywhere from 10 to 20 questions per survey.

Panelists are expected to spend about 25 minutes answering up to 12 questions. Since this means about 2 minutes per question on average, some questions may be answered briefly and some not at all. However, we do commit to answering at least 10 questions to some degree within the time allotted.

If you want more detail after receiving your project report, we are able to provide follow-up commentary and consultation. Please see Pricing for details.

In addition to the Panelists, your project is handled by:

  • Internal coordinator, who assesses which Panelists to use and helps collate and tabulate the research
  • Translator, who takes your English InfoPack materials and translates them into Japanese for the Panelists to read

There are three documents relevant to Consumer Physical Testing Basic:

  • Template of the questions typically asked.
  • InfoPack from the your firm, giving information on your product
  • A sample Consumer Physical Testing report.

The procedure for Consumer Physical Testing is rather more involved than our other services, and the detail is as follows:

  • You send us your Digital Assets that go alongside the physical assets – things like your Product Positioning statement, photos and videos on how to use, label information that we need to translate, etc.
  • We prepare an online shopping page in Japanese with your product(s) on it, and an “ordering” system for panelists
  • We notify our Panelists, and they log in to pick the product(s) they want to test, at zero yen pricing (shipping is also no cost to them)
  • Panelists place their “order” with you, which will arrive at your marketing department in English, for delivery to the Panelists’ home address. Products may be address to Japan in English.
  • Products should not be valued for customs purposes at more than US$120 each, in principle. If more, check with us first.
  • You send the test products by courier or airmail to the Panelists, and inform us upon dispatch
  • We notify Panelists by email that the product(s) has been sent
  • We send regular follow-up emails to Panelists to confirm receipt, and to give the URL for the online test questionnaire, we will continue these emails for up to 3 months until we hear from the Panelist
  • Panelists complete online questionnaire and we return the survey results to you

If you choose a two-step program:

  • We prepare an online shopping page in Japanese with your incentive product(s) for the second order, with zero yen pricing against each product
  • If the panelist has not yet completed first product survey, we notify them that they must complete the survey in order to get second incentive product at the advertised zero yen price
  • Panelists select and “order” the product
  • Repeat of process above