Consumer Online Testing (Digital Only)

Our Consumer Online Testing service presents your Digital Assets to an audience of 600,000 online Japanese test panelists, who come from all walks of life. With such a diverse database, we are able to offer you a range of basic demographic choices, selectable when you place an order.

You can also further pre-screen this audience for such values as being health aware, owning a foreign car or appliance, and being interested in certain foods or cosmetics. Typically we suggest pre-screening only when you have a very specific audience in mind, as not only does it cost more, but you may need to screen 10-50 times the number of panelists to find a suitable survey sample. We can screen up to about 50,000 people per survey, but recommend 10,000 as a more practical number.

We offer a number of panel sizes from 100 to 1,000 respondents, and you can order anywhere from 10 to 20 questions per survey. Our advice is to keep surveys short, so that panelists don’t lose focus or interest, and therefore the ideal and default survey is 10 questions.

The procedure is that you supply us with Digital Assets, such as photos, text explanations, and other materials, and we survey the consumers and report back the results. The data will include a spreadsheet with all answers supplied across the entire sample, and if there are "yes/no" type questions, then a tabulation of the key results broken down into response groups per question.

Consumers are expected to spend about 20 minutes answering up to 10 questions. Since this means about 2 minutes per question on average, some questions may be answered briefly and some not at all. However, we do commit to answering at least 7 questions to some degree within the time allotted.

If you want more detail after receiving your project report, we are able to provide follow-up commentary and consultation (with us, not the panelists). Please see Pricing for details.

In addition to the panelists, your project is handled by:

  • Internal coordinator, who looks the serveys and organizes and reports the results
  • Translator, who takes your English InfoPack materials and translates them into Japanese for the panelists to read

There are three documents relevant to Consumer Online Testing:

  • Template of the questions typically asked.
  • InfoPack from your firm, giving information on your product
  • A sample Consumer Online Testing report.