Consultant Testing

Basic (Digital Assets Only)

Our most cost-effective option is the Consultant Testing Basic Service performed by our in-house and contracted consumer packaging and product planning experts. All of our staff are highly experienced buyers or market entry experts with experience in your field of products or access to those who do.

The procedure is that you supply us with Digital Assets, such as Photos, text explanations, and other materials, and we survey the consultant and report back the results. The consultant will comment on the major aspects of your product’s market affinity, including: appearance, market applicability, pricing, and competition.

Consultants are typically expected to spend about 25 minutes answering up to 12 questions. Since this means about 2 minutes per question on average, some questions may be answered briefly and some not at all. However, we do commit to answering at least 10 questions to some degree within the time allotted.

If you want more detail after receiving your project report, we are able to provide follow-up commentary and consultation. Please see Pricing for details.

In addition to the consultant, your project is handled by:

  • Internal coordinator, who assesses which consultant to use, contracts the project, and helps with some of the research
  • Translator, who takes your English InfoPack materials and translates them into Japanese for the consultant to read

There are three documents relevant to Consultant Testing Basic:

  • Template of the questions typically asked.
  • InfoPack from your firm, giving information on your product
  • A sample Consultant Testing Basic report.