Consultant Roster

Kaz Simomura

  • Job Title: Buyer
  • Description: Has extensive knowledge and experience in buying and developing products (home goods, apparel, accessories, fashion, etc.) in Japan. Also has been involved in shop start-ups and operation. Thorough understanding of Japanese consumer preference.
  • Sector Expertise: Finding market opportunities based on starting with the product firstbr /> 

Anri Sato

  • Job Title: Buyer
  • Description: Has broad knowledge and 9 years experience as a designer for general merchandise in home goods store chain. Also involved in development and design of new products.
  • Sector Expertise: General home goods merchandise


Yuki Ito Jordan

  • Job Title: Product Planner
  • Description: Graduated top of her class and received Award of Excellence from prominent Fashion School in Yokohama. Several years working for established local brands in Tokyo and extensive knowledge ranging from store & product management to brand analysis.
  • Skills: Fashion branding, analysis & advising, styles & trends, product creation, store management
  • Sector Expertise: Fashion, Clothing and Apparel, Hair and Makeup

Shihomi Kato

  • Job Title: CEO, E-Commerce Planner
  • Description: Three years at major Japanese cosmetic company, 8 years at listed mail-order company as cosmetics buyer. Three years at cosmetics subsidiary of listed company, as president. Currently running consulting and manufacturing company in cosmetics industry.
  • Skills: Broad knowledge of Japanese cosmetics industry, cosmetics development and planning, marketing, design, EC consulting
  • Sector Expertise: Cosmetics, online shopping

Miyuki Miyama

  • Job Title: Apparel Buyer
  • Description: Has five years experience as buyer at Fashion Week in Paris and London. Has deep insight for Japan’s appreal market situation from European High fasion point of view.
  • Sector Expertise: Apparel


Emi Sakuyama

  • Job Title: Reviewer
  • Description: Evaluates lady’s fashion and general merchandise from consumer point of view.
  • Sector Expertise: Fashion, General merchandise


Kaoru Sugimoto

  • Job Title: Natural cosmetics specialist
  • Description: Has broad knowledge and experience in Aroma therapy, Clay therapy, Flower essences. Also runs therapist school.
  • Sector Expertise: Natural cosmetics, Aroma therapy


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