Consultant Testing

Advanced (Physical Product Review)

The Consultant Testing Advanced Service allows you to send physical samples for evaluation by our in-house and contracted consultants. This service will give you the most accurate assessment since you will have a consumer products professional actually handling and testing (tasting, wearing, viewing) your product.

The procedure is that you supply us with a number of Digital Assets, such as your product positioning statement, text reproduced from the packaging (we ask you to supply this so that we can translate it, even though you’re sending the physical product), and other materials. You also courier/airmail us your physical products. Please send two, just in case one breaks in transit. Please package carefully. With the Digital and Physical Assets in place, we supply them to the consultant and have them complete the survey. We then report back the results to you. The consultant will comment not only on your product’s market affinity but also on the actual physical characteristics (taste, smell, wearability, use of materials, etc.) and how these might or might not be appropriate for Japanese consumers.

Consultants are typically expected to spend about 90 minutes answering up to 25 questions. Since this means about 3-4 minutes per question on average, some questions may be answered briefly and some not at all. However, we do commit to answering at least 15 questions to some degree within the time allotted.

There are three documents relevant to Consultant Testing Advanced: